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Sustainability and Ethics

At Aqua Clean Fix, sustainability is neither a secondary consideration nor a marketing gimmick; it is intrinsically woven into the fabric of our operational ethos. Our devotion to sustainable practices is manifest in every facet of our enterprise, from the environmental integrity of our products to our conscientious operational methodologies. Our ultimate aim is to foster a world where exceptional cleaning solutions coexist harmoniously with ecological responsibility.

Below is a comprehensive overview of our sustainability initiatives:

Product Development

From the inception stage, sustainability is a paramount consideration in our product development process. Utilising 100% natural ingredients and our proprietary premium HOCl blend, we formulate cleaning solutions that excel in efficacy while minimizing ecological footprint. Our products adhere to vegan and halal standards, are non-toxic, and are engineered to biodegrade naturally, thereby ensuring they leave no detrimental residues in the environment.


Fully aware of the environmental ramifications of packaging waste, we've instituted sustainable packaging initiatives. Our product packaging is deliberately engineered to be either readily recyclable or biodegradable, thereby curtailing our contribution to landfill accumulation. Additionally, we are in constant pursuit of inventive, eco-friendly packaging alternatives to further minimize our environmental footprint.

Our Ethics

Aqua Clean Fix is built upon a robust ethical foundation that informs our business choices and operational practices. We maintain that success is not solely gauged by financial profitability; it necessitates a commitment to ethical behavior, social accountability, and generating a positive societal impact. Below is an outline of how we maintain our ethical principles:


Conscious effort is invested in diminishing the environmental impact of our operational activities. We incorporate energy-efficient methodologies and technologies, and are perpetually on the quest for innovative approaches to waste reduction and process optimization. Our vigilance extends to our supply chain, where we engage with suppliers who are equally committed to environmental stewardship.

Community Engagement

Our commitment to sustainability transcends the boundaries of our organization. We proactively interact with our local communities to advocate for eco-conscious behavior. Through educational initiatives, we elucidate the critical importance of sustainability and champion prudent resource utilization. By motivating others to embrace sustainable habits, we collectively contribute to the realization of a more sustainable global environment.

Business Practices

We operate our enterprise with an unwavering commitment to integrity, fairness, and respect for all involved parties—this includes our customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. We are scrupulous in our adherence to all relevant laws and regulations, and we maintain the apex of corporate governance standards.

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