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About Us

At Aqua Clean Fix, our purpose transcends beyond cleaning; we're about creating sustainable change. Leveraging innovative technologies, best-in-class equipment, and an expert team of environmental scientists and engineers, we've developed effective solutions to combat the pressing issue of water pollution. Our passion for clean waterways runs deep – like the oceans, rivers, and lakes we strive to protect.


From restoring the serenity of lakes and rivers teeming with life to enhancing the ecological health of oceans, our impact is felt across ecosystems and communities. Every project we undertake underscores our commitment to creating a better world, one waterway at a time.


Through transparency, integrity, and unwavering dedication, Aqua Clean Fix not only delivers top-notch waterway cleaning services but also advocates for a cleaner, greener future. Our work is a testament to the belief that environmental stewardship is a responsibility we all share.


Join us as we journey towards a cleaner, healthier planet – because every drop of water counts, and together, we can make a world of difference.

Interested in working with us?

Studies suggest that every dollar invested in waterway restoration projects can yield seven dollars or more in return over the long term, considering the combined economic, environmental, and social benefits.

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